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Specialized Consultants

Whatever the field, our specialized consultants take care of everything.


More Than 40 Years of Experience

Founded in 1995, The Collection Consultants have a cumulative total of more than 40 years of experience in customer account management and offer your company collection services for delinquent accounts from 30 to 90 days and more. As a family business, we are dedicated to collecting all monies owed to you, using professional strategies that respect your clients and your image. In addition, we are specialists in rent recovery.

Does Someone Owe You Money?

At The Collection Consultants, we have one goal: to collect your receivable. Avoid bad debts by assigning your overdue accounts to us. Our professional and knowledgeable staff, along with our fully computerized collection system, will get you conclusive results in the shortest time possible. Plus, our president, Luc Landry, has been in the collection industry since 1975. Call us today to learn more about our services.

Zone of service 

  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • Gatineau, Quebec

  • All Canadian provinces and territories

Professional Affiliations


Our Clients 

In Ottawa :

  • Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario
  • Osgoode Properties

In Quebec :

  • Ville de Gatineau 
  • University of Quebec
  • Brigil
  • C.I.S.S.S.O

Results Guaranteed

We have the expertise to get the results you are looking for.

Join for Free

You pay no membership or filing fees.

Professional Services

Our team uses techniques combining firmness and professionalism.

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